Habarana Village by Cinnamon

Habarana Village by Cinnamon
August 8, 2019 artoni

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Welcome To Habarana Village by Cinnamon

Habarana Village by Cinnamon opens its doors to the outdoors
The cosy cottages of this Sigiriya hotel are inspired by the typical thatched roof huts found locally and lie in clusters with low roofs and brownish yellow exteriors. The paint used is specially mixed with mud, in true native fashion, to ensure the facade is in harmony with nature.

Like a well-disguised tree with thirsty widespread roots reaching far and wide to drink from the closest brook, Chaaya Village Habarana lies sprawled across 27 acres of luxuriant land bordering a stunning lake. Habarana is situated 176 km from Colombo in the heart of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle and is part of the Anuradhapura District.



Deluxe Room

As you lounge in this spacious room that faces the lake, nurse a drink with your feet up, and calmness will become a filter for your thoughts. Combine it with pampered rustic living and sink into the cemented bath-tub and have an almost therapeutic warm shower after all the walking around. At the end, you’ll feel so relaxed, you’ll curl up in bed and sleep like a baby.

Superior Room

Our Superior rooms are inspired by the village lifestyle, where neighbours live in close proximity, physically and emotionally. So, when you decide to relax with a cup of tea or coffee just outside your room, you might want to wave at neighbours and share stories about your experience around the cultural triangle. Or simply bask in the simple comforts of your room, feeling close enough to nature. Look through the big glass window behind your bed, and a childlike sense of cheer will take over when you see birds chirping and fluttering from branch to branch.

Kingfisher Lodge

How about living so close to a lake, that its rhythmic ripples become your lullaby and a surprisingly sweet alarm clock? Sounds beautiful, right? Choose to stay at our Kingfisher Lodge and experience the pleasure of living with nature. Located off the beaten path, in a secluded spot, this large space with an open layout is a private paradise for seekers of sheer quietude and romance. Step out of the room and have your morning cup of coffee with your partner in the veranda, or choose to savour a romantic dinner, right there by the lake. This suite is an experience in itself.

Eagle Lodge

The astoundingly spacious Eagle Lodge suite is a combined living space, and takes in a direct view of the lake from its private veranda. With a large bedroom, bathroom and sitting area, there’s more than enough space. Entertain friends, hold private meetings, or set up a barbeque and cocktails at the Eagle Lodge with a little help from our willing staff. Our private function crew are second to none, and will tailor it all exclusively to your needs.