Cinnamon Wild Yala

Cinnamon Wild Yala
August 8, 2019 artoni

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Cinnamon Wild Yala

We’re so glad to sense the excitement you’re filled with, to meet our wild neighbours. Yes, we’ve developed the sixth sense, living around the jungle. We’re hoping to greet you soon but chances are, a few of our untamed friends might meet you before us, as the path that you’ll pass to reach us is also the route they take for an evening walk. A little lake bordering us has a few crocodiles, but they keep a safe distance from us. In fact, we set up romantic dinners on a deck, right by the lake, under a starry sky, and trust us it’s beautiful. You might even spot an elephant drinking water off the pool as you sip on your drink at the bar or you might find a herd of wild boar stroll by the pool while you lounge around. We’re friends, really. They drop by.



Beach Chalet

As exhilarating as it is to be out in the jungle, it leaves you wanting to take a nice hot shower, have a steaming cup of coffee while sitting in your balcony and tuck in comfortably into a cosy bed with the temperature in the room just right to slide over a blanket. You’ll find all of this when you climb the wooden stairway into our beach chalet. It meets breezy treetops and offers the chance to spot birds right from the comfort of your room.

Jungle Chalet

How close to the wild is too close, you ask? Well, how about being able to enjoy nature in its absolute rawness, and spotting a wild boar or maybe, even an elephant as you relax in the veranda of our Jungle Chalet? Got goosebumps? Don’t worry, your safety is our priority. So, we’ll escort you to and from your chalet after 6 pm and early in the morning.


Meetings at Cinnamon Wild Yala

Main Conference Hall

Our main conference hall is a small meeting place where wild ideas come to life. This unique location at Cinnamon Wild Yala in the Sri Lankan jungles is a fascinating place to brainstorm away from the office. Capacity: 25

Standard Conference Package

Trust our meeting space to inspire the best brainstorming sessions. Our ambience is perfect for interesting team-building exercises so feel free to conduct them across the property.