Stadthalle Reutlingen

Stadthalle Reutlingen
April 7, 2015 artoni

Stadthalle Reutlingen | Oskar-Kalbfell-Platz 8 | Reutlingen | Germany
+ 49 33 7121 55-125 | vertrieb@stadthalle-reutlingen.de

The town hall Reutlingen presents itself: young and green

The town hall Reutlingen is young – it was opened with the first event in January 2013. Now we’re targeting 300,000 visitors entering in. We are also really green behind the ears and proud of it! For the first and only city hall in Germany we offer complete CO 2 -free events. Celebrate clima-friendly in the town hall Reutlingen  – with full comfort and  a comprehensive ecological concept of cisterns providing green energy and energy efficiency. You are welcome to contact us at the Town Hall Reutlingen! 


Town Hall Reutlingen with clear principles: We are sustainable and fair

The town hall Reutlingen supports the industry initiative “fair obliged”. With our Compliance Statement to the Sustainability Code of the German event industry we are committed to corporate responsibility for sustainability in the organization and execution of events. Acting in a sustainable way with respect to economic, environmental and social aspects is very important for us.

The town hall Reutlingen has a lot to offer:
atmosphere, professionalism and service

We provide a lot of excellent equipment, but the unique features such as our sustainability concept count even more. The decisive factor is the people! The team of city hall Reutlingen provides not only experience and years of expertise, but extends their professionalism with passion and commitment. We realize ideas and inspire visitors.

Our events are characterized by professionalism, expertise and attention to detail.