Coffee Planet LLC

Coffee Planet LLC
September 14, 2016 artoni

Office M08 | Commercial Bank of Dubai Building | Sheikh Zayed Road | PO Box 73042 | Dubai | United Arab Emirates
+971 4 341 5537 | coffee@coffeeplanet.com

About Coffee Planet

Producing quality coffee is our number one priority, which is why we have established and maintained excellent relationships with over 20 of the best coffee producers from around the world. We roast green beans in our HACCP, Halal and UTZ Certified UAE roastery, creating our own bean, ground and capsule coffee.

We love coffee

When we started out back in 2005, the coffee landscape was very different. Getting a great cup of coffee was not easy and customers were used to the bland and the ordinary.

So we looked to change it. Starting right at the beginning we looked at how coffee was being made, found out who was growing what and how we could create the awesome blends that you enjoy today.

We launched Coffee Planet on the Arabian Peninsula; where roasting Arabica coffee began over 500 years ago. What better place to take the learning from past and apply a modern approach using the world’s best coffee.

So, we built our own coffee roastery. And got ourselves a cool Roastmaster (they’re the coffee expert!) to make the coffee. After trying every conceivable combination for what seemed an eternity, one day we did it, we hit flavour! It felt like we had struck oil. We had the formula. Let the roasting commence!

We wanted to create the best coffee for every type of coffee drinking occasion and we think we have. Our customers can now enjoy our Coffee Planet at home with our beans, ground and coffee capsules, in hotels and restaurants around the globe, at work or in one of our growing number of cafes or vending machines (that use fresh milk and grind coffee to order!).

Our dare to be different attitude is what pushes us forward – what keeps Coffee Planet turning if you like. Your interest in what we do at Coffee Planet means everything and if you’re getting just a fraction of the buzz that we get… well, we hope you’re handling it sensibly!

We trade fair


We’re in a fun business and we try to enjoy what we do. But we also know that a lot of the hard graft goes on in the coffee fields and plantations around the world far away from us. Our contribution to improving the lives of the millions of coffee growers and workers is to trade directly with them wherever we can.

We get involved in advising farmers on ways to improve their processes and quality so that they can get a premium price for their coffee. We pay the right price and get involved in projects to improve education and sanitation. We look to buy entire crops from small farmers so their income will be guaranteed for that year.

We get a well-sourced supply and know exactly where our beans have come from, and how they have been picked, washed, bagged and shipped.