Yays Bickersgracht B.V.

Yays Bickersgracht B.V.
August 8, 2019 Jarod Pichler


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Yays Bickersgracht was built on historic grounds. Long before we moved in, the location was home to an impressive church. During the industrial revolution however, the construction of a railway track spelt doom for the stone house of worship. Tremors from passing trains gradually shook the building apart, leaving the community no choice but to tear it down. Today, we’d like to think we’ve honoured its heritage with 26 beautiful canal side apartments.



Want comfort? Privacy? Space? A great view? It’s all here! The two comfortable bedrooms come with a heavenly double bed and two single beds. Enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout the whole apartment.



Comfort Two-Bedroom

This comfortable two-bedroom apartment with extended living room offers extra space for lounging or working. An ideal place to truly feel like a local! The apartment has free Wi-Fi available throughout.



Comfort Two-Bedroom Family

A gem for large families who are looking for added space in the cosy city of Amsterdam. The apartment has a double bed, two single beds and a sofa bed for two children up to 12 years old. Apartment1

Two-Bedroom with Terrace

Who doesn’t like a stunning view? Enjoy the tranquil surroundings from the terrace, enjoy a home-cooked meal or relax in one of the comfortable bedrooms. Free Wi-Fi is available in each apartment.