Southern Cross Club

Southern Cross Club
March 30, 2015 artoni

Southern Cross Club | Little Cayman Cayman Islands
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Barefoot Elegance at the casually sophisticated Southern Cross Club fish & dive resort

The three islands that make up the Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac) are rich in history and tradition. Discovered in 1503, they were home to sea turtles that became a vital food source for mariners in the Caribbean. The remoteness of the islands attracted pirates like Edward Teach – aka Blackbeard. It was on these lawless shores that Blackbeard shot the leg off his first mate, Israel Hands, and forever burned the image of the peg legged pirate into our minds and folk lore.

The Cayman Islands, British West Indies, have been an independently governed British Crown Colony since 1962 and boast the highest standard of living in the Caribbean Basin. In 1958, on Little Cayman’s nearly vacant shores, a group of adventurers opened the Southern Cross Club as a fishing club. At that time the island boasted a population of only three (3) souls. Now home to about 200 year-round residents, give or take a few depending on the day, Little Cayman continues to be one of the least developed, safest, and easily accessible tropical islands in the western hemisphere. Little Cayman entices visitors with its accessible seclusion, undeveloped beauty and the healthy diversity of its marine environment. There is an unspoiled tranquility found on our land, our beaches, and in our sea.

Over the years, many Caribbean islands have lost what truly makes them “The Caribbean”, but on Little Cayman time stands still. If you are looking for night club’s and franchises, this is not the place for you. What you will find on this passionate little island is the Southern Cross Club, offering you the ultimate in Barefoot Elegance – The Caribbean, the way it was meant to be.

The Beach Bungalows


20111125-_DSC6428Fourteen unique beach cottages dappled over 900′ of pink and white sand beach, each as charming and original as the guests who return to our wonderful little resort year after year. All of our cottages look out over beautiful South Hole Sound and the gin clear turquoise water shimmers with the sun, and the moon. The turtle grass off our beach is home to Bonefish, Snapper, Jacks, Barracuda, Mullet, Stingrays, Tarpon, and the occasional Great Blue Heron wading in to try to catch lunch. Sit on your porch and watch the world creep by in a timeless procession. 7 of our 14 cottages feature a private outdoor shower overlooking the sound.

The Honeymoon Suite sits privately on the eastern edge of Southern Cross Club’s property. Wake up in the morning and gaze over your toes to see the inspiration of the day – the bright, calm, clear waters of South Hole Sound and the barrier reef beyond. The Honeymoon Suite features a private outdoor shower overlooking the colorful lagoon, and even a private outdoor commode overlooking the sound and Owen Island, just a few hundred feet offshore. No matter your personality, if this does not melt you and your partner’s soul, nothing will.