Secret Bay Development

Secret Bay Development
December 19, 2018 artoni

Ross Blvd Portsmouth, Dominica

Welcome to Secret Bay

Named The World’s Best Boutique Hotel 2016

Tucked away on the unspoilt nature island of Dominica, Secret Bay is an award-winning boutique resort with just six sustainable luxury villas immersed in nature and designed to capture the luxury of time and space. With intimate and personalised service that caters to guest preferences and privacy, Secret Bay is the perfect getaway for a Caribbean honeymoonprivate beach wedding or otherwise secluded holiday of a lifetime.

Zabuco Honeymoon Villas I, II & III

Secret Bay’s three Zabuco Villas are the most beautiful Honeymoon villas in the Caribbean. Perfect for all romantic occasions, including honeymoons, private beach weddings, anniversaries, babymoons (to celebrate your imminent new arrival), or just for rekindling your love and reconnecting with one another: these three idyllic hideaways are the places to do it.


Ylang Ylang Villas I & II

Rising up from the ground from a single stem, the Ylang Ylang Villas are our latest stunning creation. The nearly 1,600 square foot villas feature one bed and bath, two decks, an elevated pool directly accessible from the bedroom, an outdoor shower, a barbecue and a hammock sofa—the ideal setting for an unforgettable retreat.


Ti-Fèy Villa

Exotic and private, Secret Bay’s new Ti-Fèy Villa boasts all of the architectural elements you loved about our bungalows—floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a two-story design—but now enjoys a private plunge pool, an extra bathroom and more space for your intimate tropical island experience. Immersed in nature, this fashionable treehouse offers a gourmet kitchen and every modern amenity imaginable to complete your idyllic under-the-radar romantic hideaway.


Resort Map

Resort Map

Slept Away Program

Discover Your Options

Do you prefer to be on your side or back? A hard pillow or a couple of soft ones? A mattress with a bit of extra give? Maybe you like a calming herbal tea, or an eye mask to block out every last inch of light. When it comes to our sleep rituals, we are all unique.

At Secret Bay we pride ourselves on giving every guest the most personalised service available. From being able to choose what you want for every meal, to the bespoke experiences and activities we craft for our guests. With our new SleptAway sleep program, we’re making sure you wishes are met night and day.

Everyone coming to unwind with us can now pick the mattress and pillows that best suit their posture and preferences. You can then select from a wide range of soothing accompaniments specially chosen to ensure that, whatever it takes to help you sleep still and deep, you’ll find it here at Secret Bay.