Ortenia Apartments in Nature

Ortenia Apartments in Nature
August 8, 2019 Jarod Pichler


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Six Stars of Nature

Experience the comfort of Ortenia eco-apartments
in the heart of Slovenian thermal area


Why Ortenia?

The name derives from the Garden of Eden, composed of multi-coloured hortensias that have always adorned the hillside below Podčetrtek castle. The garden was, of course, maintained and improved with the idyllic image of eco-apartments.


Why the »Apartments in nature« slogan?

Within the framework of the entire Ortenia eco-estate concept, with 6 studios and several common rooms that enrich your stay, we would like to connect you with nature while you enjoy the perfect comfort of our accommodation. We create this effect with a whole range of substainable elements that adorn the interior of our apartments, such as clay plaster, stone, solid wood furniture, decorative and functional eco-accessories,  accessorries from nature and  the transparency of the outer walls through which the natural environment is projected into the rooms.

We are offering the first eco-friendly apartments in Slovenia, designed using the principle of innovative sustainable construction. The carefully considered selection ofhealthy materials and the principles of operation will turn this location into a discovery of the finer moments in life, and the point where your world comes into contact with the world of nature.





Even the name itself is enough to make you daydream of the endless sea, the whispering waves and the blue sky. The beautiful azure colour will remind you that you’re on vacation – it’s time to live the dream that you’ve been looking forward to since planning your break.

Azura offers all the luxury of the studio apartment, including:

  • A 32 m2 suite with a living area and a sleeping area for two people
  • A pleasant, natural climate in the suite, regulated by the clay plaster and wooden structure
  • Heating regulation inside the suite
  • A terrace with beautiful views of the area and a private garden with garden furniture
  • A panoramic window in the bedroom with a view of the Podčetrtek Castle and the surrounding area
  • A small, fully equipped kitchen with a cooker, oven and fridge
  • Kitchenware and tableware made by renowned European manufacturers
  • One-of-a-kind handmade dishes
  • Kitchen table and chairs, custom made from solid Slovenian oiled oak
  • Comfortable couch with a natural linen cover that converts into a double bed
  • A large glass shower with the facilities for Kneipp therapy
  • Towels
  • Organic cotton bath robe
  • Hairdryer
  • Super king size (180 x 200 cm) wooden bed with a fabric covered headboard
  • Natural bed linen
  • Hypoallergenic pillows and duvets
  • Solid oak furniture, made in Slovenia
  • All-natural fabrics
  • One-of-a-kind handmade decorative cushions created by Slovenian designers
  • One-of-a-kind handmade silk carpets
  • Premium, certified organic, natural cosmetics
  • Aesthetic, eco-friendly, sustainable touches for your well-being
  • HD cable TV (over 170 of the best channels, including 23 HD channels) and radio
  • Free wireless internet access
  • Phone, wake-up call option
  • Safe
  • Aesthetic, sustainable decorations by Slovenian designers, home fragrances for your well-being


Distinguished by warm colours, this apartment brings to mind the beautiful fragrances of nature. The calming colour scheme will help you relax and clear your mind. You will come away from your break in Herbaria feeling reborn.


This apartment is characterised by the mellowness of lavender to create a balance with nature. Let your mind wander through the endless fields of lavender – its beautiful colour will free your mind and spirit, allowing you to get lost in a beautiful dream.


The name of this apartment stands for the morning dew. Think of the many stories that start with the morning dew and live your story today, here in the Rosa studio apartment in the heart of beautiful nature.


The  apartment  that brings to mind the sumptuous, golden shades of nature. The colour scheme brings to mind the golden colours of autumn and the wealth of produce that grow in this season. Pamper yourself with a stay in the Oriana studio apartment.




The apartment in pure white; innocent yet seductive, it will help you relax, focus on yourself and rediscover tenderness and romance. Enjoying the beautiful view of the castle and surrounding greenery, you will feel as though you were floating on a large fluffy cloud.



Business – Tourism – Meetings

Since we are committed to an individual approach to guests, in the Ortenia multipurpose room and wine cellar we can take you through fascinating culinary and fine wine stories that would spice up various meetings and gatherings (team building, thematic meetings and similar events).


The room has natural daylight and is equipped with natural materials of the highest quality and with the latest technology: a digital LCD projector, high-speed wireless Internet, writing and drawing boards.