La Gree des Landes – Eco Hotel & Spa

La Gree des Landes – Eco Hotel & Spa
April 8, 2015 artoni

La Gree des Landes |Cournon | La Gacilly | France
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La Gree Des Landes

Nestled in the heart of the countryside, La Grée des Landes blends into the landscape.

On the side of a hill, its gracious lines follow the natural relief. Its rooms, covered with grass rooves, harmoniously melt into the landscape.

Its pure esthetic combines natural, local materials such as schist and wood. The view extends as far as the eye can see over ten hectares of green counryside including a woodland park, a natural prairie and a country kitchen garden. With its bioclimatic architecture, low-consumption construction and conservation of biodiversity, La Grée des Landes is more than a simple hotel. It is full of life and respectful of t he great natural balance of our planet.

Within this framework, the Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher has engaged in a number of initiatives to promote the most beautiful of relationships : that of Man with Nature .

At La Grée des Landes, Eco-Hotel Spa Yves Rocher, wellness is a way of life, the respect of nature and self-respect come naturally. Different spaces offer a variety of opportunites to experience a relaxing break in total harmony with nature.
The Wellness Center
The Wellness center, in total communion with nature, is the ideal spot to rest and relax, to give yourself a fresh start. It includes two spaces:
  • The Relaxation Room , Open to the great outdoors, the relaxation room is a bubble of serenity especially dedicated to the renewal of mind and body. Let yourself relax amidst birdsong and the natural surroundings during a session of relaxation.
    Relax, Let go, Renew yourself …
  • The Pool With its view of the countryside, the pool is designed for physical activity in an atmosphere of natural beauty. Enjoy a water sport while contemplating nature at its best.
    Let your body float, unite sport and pleasure, Get away from it all…

The Room, the Suite

La Grée des Landes welcomes you to its 29 comfortable ground-floor rooms, each with a private terrace and wonderful view of the Morbihan countryside. Here you are at home…. in nature.

  • Attractive and ecological, your room will enchant you. Grass rooves provide sound and heat insulation, while only natural paints in subtle tones of ocre, earth, mineral and vegetable have been used to decorate the interior. Organic bedding, bedlinen certified « responsible fibers », linen wallcoverings, floor and oak panelling from sustainable forests, no solvents…everything has been designed with your rest and well-being in mind .
  • The bathroom with its Italian shower is lit by natural light from the bedroom .
  • Facing southwest, each room has a private terrace opening onto the 10-hectare park, offering a magnificent .
  • Each room is furnished with : desk, armchair, flat-screen TV, internet access, hair-dryer .


n the heart of Brittany, not far from Vannes, Rennes and Nantes, the Eco Hotel SPA Yves Rocher La Grée des Landes, offers a quiet, natural venue for your meetings and seminars .

Two centers are at your disposal for your events organised in La Gacilly  :

  • La Grée des Landes
  • Le Vegetarium Café (situated in the heart of the village of La Gacilly, can be reserved for private use)


Our seminar centers can accommodate small and large gatherings : professional seminars, training sessions, client meetings, etc …