Club Med Gregolimano

Club Med Gregolimano
August 8, 2019 Jarod Pichler


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Gregolimano Greece

An island resort between mountain and sea, a stone’s throw from Greece’s most famous attractions.

Amidst the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, the cape of Gregolimano on the island of Evia points its nose of white sand defiantly at the mountains across the water. From the hotel to the bungalows in the pine wood, this Club Med Resort reveals its secrets through a succession of porches, flowering paths and charming patios in a joyous labyrinth of dazzling white. In this setting, the pleasures of waterskiing and tennis can be enjoyed at a high level. Between two training sessions, parents and their children can get together around the swimming pool and poolside bar to tell each other about the exploits of the day



The Club Med Resort of Gregolimano has 381 rooms divided between bungalows, the hotel and the Olympe which group together bungalows of two or three floors.The bunglaows, small constructions of 2 floors are in the shade of the pine forest, and are located close to the Mini Club Med and the nautical base.

The hotels located in the centre of the Resort are built against the mountain opposite the Sea, consist of three parts:
●”Acropole”, building of 4 floors with an elevator, you will find reception, and the speciality restaurant here.
●”Piree”, building of 5 floors with an elevator
●”Parthenon”building of 6 floors


The most beautiful room in the Resort, its feet in the water, to live as on a desert island but with all the Club Med activities. On the first floor of the sea-front bungalows, with sea view.


Club Room Hotel, on all floors of the Parthénon and Pirée hotels. Pinede Club Room, on the ground floor and on the 1st floor in the bungalows on the sea-front , these rooms are ideally located for families: in the shade of the pine forest, a short walk to the Mini Club Med, to the beach and to the activities. “Olympe” Club Room, the charm of a typically Greek Village with shaded little streets full of flowers.. Or consider the advantages of a Sea View Hotel Club Room, a magnificent view and a big terrace to take full advantage of the sea and prolong sun-bathing to all hours … whilst being in the middle of the Village. On the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of the Parthénon hotel.


Discover these new Suites located in the hotel. A spacious Suite with separate lounge, for top-class comfort in a beautifully refined decor.

Open view over the sea from your hotel terrace. The bungalows are tucked away in the shade of the pine forest.