Club Med Gregolimano

Club Med Gregolimano
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A nautical odyssey in the Aegean Sea

You’re in Central Greece, on the large island of Evia. By a protective mountain worthy of Olympus, the Club Med Gregoliamo Village is hidden by the pine trees and bordered by white sandy beaches. in the forefront, catamarans contour the shore. Opposite, you will Gencounter the bungalows and tennis courts. in this village, the choices are endless and all-inclusive. Glied away on water-skis from one of our four piers. Umwind in a hammock under the pine trees.



Superior Room – Olympe

Stay in the Olympe area in a charming two story building surrounded by plant life. The room is comfortable and bright, with its own balcony.

Deluxe Bungalow

If the beach is your favorite place, then this bungalow is for you. Stay on either the ground or second floor, in a spacious room with on-trend decor. Enjoy your terrace and having the sea close at hand.

Family Bungalow Suite

In the heart of the pine grove, our Suites are designed in a duplex configuration. Downstairs is the children’s bedroom and the living room. Upstairs you’ll find the parents’ bedroom. The use of wood and stone is beautifully done.


Make the most of the sun and sprawl on a sun lounger on your own terrace in the Acrople or Parthénon. The separate living room, contemporary furniture in pale wood and judicious use of Grecian blue create a unique effect.