Max Schmeling Halle

Max Schmeling Halle
April 8, 2015 artoni

Max-Schmeling-Halle  |  Falkplatz 1, 10437 Berlin
Phone: +49 (30) 44304-5 | Fax: +49 (30) 44304709 | Email: info@velomax.de

Velomax offers services in the following areas: customer service and advice, catering for the public area and the VIP area, ticket service (advanced booking service), technical service such as power supply, stage construction and alterations of all kinds, light and sound etc.

The name Velomax is a combination of the two halls Velodrom and Max-Schmeling-Halle. The company Velomax Berlin Hallenbetriebs GmbH has been managing these two halls since mid 1997, initially as agency contract, later as rent and operating contract. Together with the Federal Land Berlin Velomax manages the Land-owned halls in form of a Public-Private-Partnership. Velomax is therefore responsible for the economic marketing and letting of both halls. Moreover Velomax is responsible for the maintenance of all buildings and technical equipment.


  • The hall opened in the summer of 1997
  • The building costs amounted to a total of 205 Mill. DM/105 Mill. EUR.
  • The construction took four years in total.
  • The hall was designed and built by the three architects Jörg Joppien, Albert Dietz und Annette Maud-Joppien.
  • Initial reason for construction: Berlin’s application for the Olympic Games 2000 (Olympia Sportstättenbauten GmbH)

Arena Capacity

  • Capacity with centre stage, no seats provided: approx. 11,900 persons
  • Fixed seats: 7,491
  • Internal seats: 4,040
  • Permanent food stands: 20
  • Wheelchair capacities: more than 16
  • Disabled friendly toilets: 8 in main hall, 7 in side areas

Arena Size

  • Clearance height: 16,5 m, Total Height: 18 m
  • Space with retracted telescopic stages: 1,972 m²
  • Space with extended telescopic stages: 925 m²
  • Gross building volume: 339,547 m³
  • Gross floor space: 48,800 m²
  • Surface area of north glass front: 180 m Length, 14 m Height
  • Land area: 38,560 m²

Other Equipment

Outdoor Facilities

  • Disabled parking spaces: at least 6
  • Car parking spaces: 36
  • Parking space for busses, vans and media cars: approx. 20

Technical Facts

  • Bearing load of ceiling: 120 t
  • Power supply arena: more than 1,200 kW
  • Power supply ceiling: more than 300 kW