ZGZ @ Desarrollo Expo S.A.

ZGZ @ Desarrollo Expo S.A.
April 6, 2015 artoni

Zaragoza Water Park | Ranillas Avenue 109 | 50018 Zaragoz | Spain

Welcome to the Water Park “Luis Buñuel” Channel Imperial of Aragon and The banks of the Ebro.

The Municipal Development Company ZGZ Arroba Expo, SA, manages, maintains and energizes the new public spaces emerged after the Expo 2008, among them is the Water Park “Luis Buñuel” , the banks of the Ebro , the Imperial Canal , the Ring Green Zaragoza , the Camping Ciudad de Zaragoza , etc

In the Rivergate, next to the International Exhibition Complex, is the Water Park “Luis Buñuel” . With an approximate area of 120 hectares, is a new urban park concept that combines extensive green areas, services and activities for all citizens.

The Imperial Canal de Aragón is one of the most important hydraulic engineering works carried out in Europe during the eighteenth century. Conceived as canal irrigation and navigation, currently still watering thousand ha. And supplying drinking water to tens of municipalities. It is full of flora and fauna urban space. It multitude of activities are organized in touch with nature.

The renewal of The Banks of the Ebro , launched during the International Exhibition of 2008, redefined the relationship between the Ebro and the city. Your new sidewalks, greenways, bike paths, terraces, recreational areas and various equipment contribute to the river becomes the real heart of the city and offer citizens and visitors new leisure areas.



The Plan in Support of the Expo 2008 bring out a number of development works, rehabilitation and improvement on the banks of the rivers and the Imperial Canal.

These works, along with other important green axes, as the Green Corridor Oliver-Valdefierro were part of the strategy began designing years ago to form a “green and blue mesh” in the city.

Within this strategy, the Expo Zaragoza 2008 Consortium proposed closing and signaling the Green Belt of the city, the first and most important of rings that can develop in the future, as it was constituted by the urban section of the Ebro the Imperial Canal of Aragon and closure on the West Corridor Oliver-Valdefierro and the greenway of La Cartuja Baja, east.

In addition Zaragoza has other hiking trails and peri great tour in the immediate environment of great interest, and also contribute their repertoire of signage. Among the most important are the GR-99, the “Camino del Ebro” that runs across the river from its source to its mouth, and tours of the Gallego.