Lehrieder Catering

Lehrieder Catering
April 10, 2015 artoni

Lehrieder Catering GmbH & Co KG | Benno-Strauß-Straße 41 | Fürth | Germany
+49 911 749 38 10 | info@lehrieder.de

Perfect full service: Let us transform your event into an unforgettable experience!

The key to success is the perfect combination of factors –
and here we come!

Looking for a representative, coherent, original and individual event concept , we offer a variety of suggestions regarding the planning, organization and implementation – apart from the culinary side of an event that is carefully tailored to the occasion, we offer you a complete full- service from one source.

Our own location service will take you to the perfect venue for events of any kind and size, which will be furnished with the appropriate equipment and extensive decorative options by our event professionals according to your requirements. Our specialists are always available for any advice and support: The close coordination with our culinary management team ensures that an event is a relaxing experience for the host as well.

If you have chosen a location and the right event concept, completed by our trained and courteous staff , the perfect entertainment and of course exclusive pleasures, your personal overall experience will be rounded with a hearty pinch of “AHA!” – moments – like that any event will be turned into a celebration for all senses, which will remain in your visitors memories in   sustainable way