Chimelong Safari Park

Chimelong Safari Park
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Chimelong Safari Park is part of the Chimelong Tourist Resort. Located in Guangzhou’s Panyu, it is China’s first and Guangzhou’s only “AAAAA” grade scenic area.

The largest park spans more than 2000 acres of land that includes a large section of unspoilt subtropical rainforest in Southeast China is currently the largest eco-zoo in China.

The park features a huge collection of roaming wildlife which can be observed in the comfort of self-driven vehicles. It is an integrated park for conservation, research, education as well as tourism encompassing both flora and fauna. Lauded as China’s world-class safari park, it boasts the world’s largest collection of wildlife in the world’s largest safari theme park.

Paradise of rare animals

The park breeds more than 500 rare animals that are epitomised by the “World’s Top Ten Rarest Animals”. These include pandas from China, koalas from Australia, meerkats from South Africa, Asian elephants from Thailand, tapirs from Malaysia and pygmy hippopotamuses from Sierra Leone. It is one of the key wildlife conservation and breeding bases.

Observe animals in self-driven vehicles

We are the first in the country to introduce “Move along with the Animals” self-drive safari park spanning nearly one million square metres. Why travel abroad when you can easily traverse five continents – Australian forest, American jungle, mid-Asian desert, South Asian rainforest and European mountain range – to observe all the world’s exotic animals roaming in their natural habitat within a world-class wildlife park.

Base for animal ecological science study

As the “Base for Science Education for Youth in Guangzhou Province”, the concept of animal protection is evident everywhere within Chimelong Safari Park to impress upon its visitors the importance of conserving wildlife and their ecological environment. While enjoying the park, children will also learn the concept of “loving animals and protecting the environment”.

An Industry trendsetter

For more than a decade after the opening of Chimelong Safari Park in 1997, it has set off a wildlife park boom throughout the country, broke the record of attracting 80,000 visitors a day as well as catapulted China into a world-class wildlife tourism kingdom. In addition, the building of the “White Tiger Dynasty”, “Koala Four-Generation Families” and “Kingdom of Elephants” helped establish China as a key player in wildlife conservation and dispel the myth that a theme park could only last 5 years.