Appenzeller Naturkosmetik AG

Appenzeller Naturkosmetik AG
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The secret of LediBelle lies in the cell-renewing effect of the goat whey and the regenerating power of the St. Jacob’s source water. This knowledge has been kept in the Appenzellian mountains for centuries. The whey comes exclusively from the Appenzellian goats that are bred at sustainable Alpine farms and is rich in essential vitamins, minerals and natural Q10. Its nurturing, protective and regenerating properties are unfolded by the healing water from St. Jacob’s source.

The name of the skin care line reflects the purpose and values of Appenzeller Naturkosmetik AG. While “la Belle” easily translates to “a beauty”, the word “Ledi” is only familiar to locals and stands for the equipment used by farmers in milk processing and that is proudly displayed on the horse-drawn carriage, the “Lediwagen”, during the traditional parade in the Alps every spring and autumn.