Parc de Branfere

Parc de Branfere
April 9, 2015 artoni

Parc animalier et botanique de Branféré | 56190 LE GUERNO – Morbihan – Bretagne Sud  |  France
+33 297 42 94 66 | Fax 02 97 42 81 22

An unforgettable day at Branféré

Branféré is a place of wonder, discovery and games …

Branféré is an original concept that gathers in one place  botanical zoo, an amusement park
(the Parcabout ® ) and an environmental education center (École Nicolas Hulot).

  • Marvel about 1,000 animals from five continents,
  • Escape in a rich and varied botanical park with ancient trees,
  • Have fun and relax in large nets hanging in the trees: the Parcabout ®
  • Learn by taking part in nature activities offered by the School Nicolas Hulot in the park.


… A site dedicated to respecting nature a hundred leagues from the traditional zoo concept.


A single entry for two attractions: the zoo & the Parcabout ®

The Branféré Animal Park is a place of wonder and discovery of the animal and plant world. A botanical park of 40 hectares where you will discover animal species from all around the world. Unlike a zoo the animals can  live  a semi-freedom in large spaces.

Throughout the year, the Park Branféré offers animations both spectacular, educational and cultural, eg a bird show opposite o the castle from the early XIX th century. Storks, pelicans, eagles, vultures, falcons, parrots and parakeets fly a few inches above your head while fulfilling a breathtaking aerial ballet.