If you are looking to find the best sustainable tourism resorts, hotels, conference centers, attractions or tour experience, Green Globe Travel delivers all with an easy search function. Green Globe members are located in the most exciting destinations and cities around the world. If you are planning a holiday, a business trip, a conference or even a wedding, Green Globe Travel leads you to travel and tourism businesses that are actively contributing to a better future for the people and the places you visit.

How do you know these are the best in sustainable tourism? All Green Globe members are rigorously certified against 40 criteria, which have been accepted globally as the definition of sustainable travel and tourism. To complete the certification process these members must also undergo an independent on-site audit to ensure that their sustainability efforts have been thoroughly inspected. To understand sustainability certification, the criteria and audit process please visit: www.greenglobe.com/green-globe-certification-standard


Registering as a Green Globe Member is a first step towards supporting the development of sustainable travel. Green Globe Members are provided with the Green Globe Standards for Sustainable Tourism, indicators and guidelines assisting to improve sustainable performance and to aim at higher levels of sustainability. Green Globe Members should aim at developing their sustainability management, their environmental, socio-economic and cultural management qualifying for the Green Globe Certification audit. Green Globe Members are authorized to use the  Green Globe corporate logo on their webpage.


In order to become a Green Globe Certified Member, the business must undergo a complete annual on-site audit by an independent auditor. The Green Globe Certification can only be awarded to Green Globe Members with a compliance of at least 51% with all applicable Green Globe Standard indicators. For maintaining the certification, Green Globe Certified Members have to reach an overall continuous improvement of 3% every year in accordance with previous audit results. Green Globe Certified Members are authorized to use the Green Globe Certified Logo on their webpage, indicating their successful strive to sustainability.